Affordable Dental Care for Low-Income Seniors

It is also important to keep in mind that seniors require most often advanced/major dental treatments such as dental crowns, treatment for periodontal disease, extractions, and plenty other.

Medicare which is the most comprehensive program which should offer perfect health and dental coverage for seniors, does not offer any dental care help or affordable dentistry. Medicare Advantage or Medicgap do not offer dental care coverage either.

Seniors with low income, are generally redirected towards signing up with Medicaid, but through this federal program they sadly cannot access dental care treatments.

There are a few state Medicaid programs available which give access to minimal dental care. The best thing to do is contact the local social services and ask there if you qualify for dental care through Medicaid in your area.

Also contact the dental association of your county and ask if there are any free dental clinics, or dental clinics for low-income seniors available in the area.

Then, there are the Donated Dental Service programs which operate in certain states making dental care accessible for seniors on a low income.

The dental schools represent yet another option, where seniors could get access to low-cost or even free limited dental treatments.

The dental care is offered by dental students under the close supervision of the licensed faculty staff, but dental care is of very high quality.

The PACE program – Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly is yet another good resource.

This program offers health services for patients who require home nursing care and are currently on Medicaid or Medicare. The PACE dental clinic offers a wide range of dental treatments including root canal therapy, extractions and many preventive dental services.

Contact local senior centers in your area, the experts there might actually help redirecting you towards an organization, a dental clinic or certain dentist who offers affordable cost dental treatments for seniors.