Affordable Dental Care when No Insurance is Available

Dentists operating on a sliding fee scale basis

There are many dentists available who offer dental treatment based on a sliding fee scale. This means that the cost of your required treatment is “adjusted” to your income level. The best way to find such a dentist is to contact the local branch of United Way.

This is an organization made up of many charitable institutions which actually help people get access to affordable healthcare. You can also search on the main website of the ADA (American Dental Association) for such dentists.

Dental coupons
Nowadays they offer free savings coupons for everything. From liquid soap wash to dental care, you can find plenty of savings opportunities you just need to research online. Since there is a huge competition going on in the dentistry field, many dental clinics try to attract new patients by offering special discount coupons and savings opportunities.

Some of the most frequent examples include:
-with regular free dental cleanings, you will get free dental X-rays and free oral examination

-panoramic dental X-rays or Four Bitewing X-rays with regular adult orthodontic examination
-porcelain crown between $600 to $700- such low cost, affordable dental treatments are mostly available for patients without insurance

These are only a few examples, but with a thorough research you will definitely find many special deals that will help you save on the dental care that you need.

Dental plans

If you don’t have insurance, the best alternative to save the costs is to subscribe for a membership with one of the dental plan providers. You will basically have access to discounts between 10% and up to 60% on a great variety of dental treatments.

These include preventative/basic dental care mostly, but many times major dental work such as root canals or dentures are also offered on discount. For an individual, such a plan costs about $90 per year. You will just need to show your card at the dentist and the discounts will apply automatically.

Free/affordable care at dental schools

At dental schools, the students get real hands on experience by performing all sorts of dental treatments on patients. The students are supervised at all times by a licensed dentist, so there is nothing you should worry about. One of the downsides is that the dental schools operate according to waiting lists, and treatment time will take much longer.

However you can save up to 80% on a dental cleaning, 60% on a dental implant, and you can get dental sealants and oral health checkups for free. Just research for dental schools in your area, contact the staff and ask about their free/affordable dental programs that are available at the moment. These are mostly offered to patients on a low income.

  • Lesa

    Hi, I have absolutely no dental insurance, I’m on S.S.D.I My teeth are absolutely horrible. they are chipped ,broken right down to the gum line, severe cavaties. Most need to be pulled out.My teeth need to be surgically removed the way they are broken,I’m prayin someone can help me. I hate talkin or smiling due to my teeth. I use to have Beautiful teeth. I try not to smile or talk anymore, eating is fairly difficult as well.. Thank you

  • Wendy Crane

    My 30 yr old son is unemployed, no med ins, living in Winchester VA needs emergency dental work. He was not accepted at the Free Clinic – no bank account and lives in a group home – no utility bill in his name. What can we do to get him help? I cannot afford dental care for him but can pay for prescriptions and small amounts over a period of time.