Affordable Dental Care Insurance Options

The more expensive an insurance is, the more flexible it will be, and vice versa.

However before buying any type of dental insurance available on the market you should make sure that you understand all the important terms and conditions specified within the policy. Also, ask for quotes and comparison shop smartly before signing any contract.

It may easily happen that even though you have insurance, when you need it the most, it will not offer coverage- all these, simply because you did not read carefully the policy provisions.

Affordable Dental Insurance Options: The indemnity dental insurance

This is also known as the “true insurance”. Basically, with this type of policy you can choose the dentist that you want. As long as that dentist accepts insurance, you can be treated by him, and you are not forced to choose from a network of providers.

One little downside of the indemnity insurance is that you will always have to pay for the dental bill in the first place, and you will get reimbursement afterwards. The reimbursement is offered by the insurer, after he will inspect that everything has happened according to the provisions within the policy.

Affordable Dental Care Options: The PPO dental plan

The Preferred Provider Network dental plans are also quite popular. With this option however, you will have to choose a dentist from the insurer’s network, in order to get the needed coverage.

You can select any provider, as long as he/she is listed within the network of the insurer. This is a managed care dental insurance plan, and you will have to pay a deductible before the policy takes effect.

You will have to pay for about up to 20% of the overall cost of a dental treatment, and the insurer will cover for the rest of 80%.

If you decide to see a dentist that is outside the dental PPO plan network, you can do it. However, you will be reimbursed only for an amount based on the exact amount the network dentist would have accepted the work.

For instance, if the dentist outside the network charges $700 for your root canal treatment, and the in-network dentist would have charged $500, you will be reimbursed only based on the $500 (You might need to pay $100 out of pocket and the rest is covered by the insurer- which is $400).

According to this scheme, if you see the dentist outside the network for the root canal dental treatment, you will actually be reimbursed only $400, and you need to pay out of pocket the rest of $300 (since the dentist charges $700 for that dental procedure).

There is a huge competition going on the insurance market so always make wise options when it comes to selecting your provider. Also, select the type of insurance which offers the best discounts and the greatest coverage for your dental needs.

You should not pay hefty amounts for an insurance covering a portion for dental braces, when you are unlikely to need them.