Affordable and Low Cost Alternative: Discounted Dental Care at Dentistry Schools

Most often, these people end up in emergency rooms with abscesses, a lot of dental pain and complex infections. Then, there are patients who can afford care at home, and they will choose dental tourism as the best option. They travel to countries such as Mexico, Thailand, India or choose Eastern Europe to get their affordable dental implants on discounted price.

But what happens to patients who:

  • are uninsured
  • are jobless
  • do not have the money to pay for an extraction at the private dentist

For them, the best middle choice seems to be represented by dental schools. In each state and each city you can find such dental schools being operated by the health department at medical universities. At these schools, affordable dental treatments are offered by the students of the faculty who are supervised by a dental professional.

The dental students are basically gaining experience by being involved in hands on practice on real patients. However, the patients who qualify for the low cost treatments offered at dental schools are mainly the uninsured and the unemployed people.

Dental schools offer both free and low cost dental treatments at the clinic. This means that if you qualify to their criteria, you can get even affordable dental implants at about 60% off at the dental school.

Or, they offer highly discounted prices for the dental crowns while the preventative dental care is generally offered for free. The preventative free dental care usually includes professional cleanings, oral health examinations, dental X-rays, dental sealants and so on.

For those low cost dental treatments where the faculty needs to pay for the materials involved, patients will generally be charged a discounted price. For instance, you can get discounted dental braces, dental crowns, veneers or dental implants. All these procedures require the use of special, expensive dental materials, and a special process for the manufacturing, this is why they cannot offer everything for free.

With a quick search online you will be able to find such dental schools in your area. You basically don’t have to wait for free dental care or discounted dental care to be advertised online by these dental schools.

Find the nearest dental clinic in your area, and make an enquiry. Ask what types of dental program have they got at the moment, what are the eligibility criteria, and how much discount do they offer for a certain dental procedure.

It will take up some time for research, but ultimately you will be able to spot a dental school which can help you or someone dear to you without the financial possibilities get the needed dental care.


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    I agree, dental care is so expensive even with private health care. I think dental hygiene would increase dramatically if it was made available via the medicare system. Its great to see programs available where dental treatment is made more affordable.

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