Five things you didn’t know you were doing wrong when looking after your teeth

For many people, the health and appearance of their teeth is of paramount importance. The quest for the perfect smile of pearly whites is one that many people embark on during their lives but is your daily brushing routine doing everything it can to help you in your endeavour? Or are you falling foul to the same common […]

Gaining compensation from dental malpractice

A lot of people have a large and understandable fear of dentists – after all, you’d feel a bit tense, too, if you knew someone was planning to put a drill in your mouth and have a rummage around. But, while the vast majority of dentists are wholly professional, there will always be some who will abuse […]

Why Men Need to Visit the Dentist More

Most men are perfectly aware of the benefits of having good breath. But beyond that, studies show men are pretty indifferent about their oral health. According to US News, women are 1/3 more likely to receive preventative dental care than men. Is this because men don’t think dental care is important? Are they afraid of being out […]

How to Care for Your Baby’s Gums and New Teeth

It is in the mother’s womb that the need for dental hygiene for the baby actually begins. The teeth of your baby start to form during your pregnancy. So, ensure that you consume a balanced diet with adequate minerals and vitamins. Your infant’s earliest tooth starts coming out through the gum when he or she is around six […]

Free Dental Clinics

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