The Importance of Dental Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience for most women, but it is also a time to take good care of the mother’s changing body. One of the critical changes she will need to address is dental care. During pregnancy, there will be less calcium in the teeth to support the growing infant, leaving a woman’s teeth weakened and […]

Dental Tourism

Does Dental Tourism Really Work?

As dental costs continue to rise, many people are choosing to travel globally for affordable dental care. Recent case studies are showing that millions of Americans are not getting enough dental care. An estimated 130 million Americans currently do not have dental insurance according to a report from Sen. Bernie Sanders given to Congress in […]

Apply a cold pack to relieve pain

How to Deal with Toothache at Night

A toothache can be a very sharp, sensitive pain that occurs around your teeth, or dull throbbing pain in your teeth. Teeth grinding, tooth decay, sinusitis, abscessed tooth, and caries are the major causes of toothache. Toothache usually comes and goes. The pain can start with intense flare-ups and then stop. It can prevent you […]

Visit your dentist regularly

Dental Tips for Adults and children to Follow

Good dental health is essential for the entire family. Teeth play a crucial role in our everyday life. Oral health is very important because, quite literally, your overall health is dependent on it. All the food you take in order to stay alive and well passes through your mouth. It is utterly impossible to enjoy […]

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