Common Dental Problems – Types, Causes and Home Remedies for Relief!

All of us, at some point of time suffer from dental problems in our lives and these situations surely count as some of the worst experiences of pain and unease in our lives. Teeth constitute one of the most important parts of human body but most of us tend to develop the habit of taking […]

Dental Care After 40

Did you know that it is not aging but the wear and tear of our oral tissues as we age that causes tooth loss? And maintaining healthy oral habits can definitely keep your gums and teeth in place, even as your skin is wrinkling and your tresses are turning grey. Here are 5 things you […]

A Lifetime of Brushing - Infographic

Lifetime of Brushing: Infographic

  Have you ever wondered how much of your life has been spent on brushing your teeth? We all have! And Jefferson Dental Clinics has actually done the math for us. Can you believe, that with proper brushing etiquette, you’ll spend roughly 70 years of your life brushing? That’s hard to believe! Take a look […]

What Should I Expect When Treating Gum Disease

Gum disease is not something to take lightly. In fact, gum disease can actually lead to more serious illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease. If you suffer from gum disease, you don’t have to worry. Gum disease is actually quite normal, but it is something that you need to address before it becomes worse. If left untreated, […]

Free Dental Clinics

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