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Handling Your Baby’s Teeth : A Pediatric Dentist’s Guide

Talking about pediatric dentist anchorage, it would interest you to know that those who grow old with healthy gums and well-placed teeth are those who took good care of their teeth while they were kids. However, it takes kicking off the process early enough to form it as a good habit. In the bid to […]


What are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

According to facts shared by the National Library of Medicine, if a tooth has been broken or chipped for any reason, it needs to be reported to the dentist as soon as possible. The more one waits, the more difficult it becomes for the dentist to fix the gap. Once broken, the tooth might only […]


Tooth Attackers : Foods that Could Hurt Your Teeth

Some things, like salt water taffy, just look like they were made to wage war on your teeth. However, there are plenty of healthy foods with hidden dangers to your teeth as well. Of course you shouldn’t stop enjoying these healthy foods, just make sure to give your chompers a little TLC after you eat […]

Medical Records Going Digital – What Does That Mean For Patients

A few years ago, digitizing medical was something being considered for the future, and it’s now a widespread practice. A recent article on the subject published by Minnesota Public Radio News asserts the Economic Stimulus Act is one reason for the shift. Now, digital records are getting even more robust, thanks to app developers. Why […]

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